"I was told 30 years ago I needed major back surgery. I refused and suffered. I never believed in chiropractic's at all. I was told by surgeons anyway a chiropractor could NOT help me stay away! I went on for years believing this and suffering. Someone dragged me to to Dr. Fitz saying he could help me! I kicked and screamed the whole way there!..... Well he listened to everything, was patient with me, respected my fear of chiropractics and was professional, kind and caring and explained every thing to me before I let him touch me.
I have suffered with pain for the last 25 plus years. I was very apprehensive to even let him touch me! EVERYTHING I was told and here I was... 
Dr. Jim has taken away the numbness, tingling, pain, discomfort and more. I wish I didn't listen to the surgeons because I suffered for so long.... after my first adjustment I could almost instantly feel the difference! I was terrified to be adjusted. Dr. Jim has made a huge difference in my life and I am eternally thankful. 
I hope this post helps people that are so apprehensive... I was one of those people and now I sing Dr. Fitz  praise! HE SAVED ME"



"I've been going to Dr. Fitz twice a week for several months now and he's easily the best chiropractor around. You're very well informed about what's going on and how chiropractic helps you. One day I only drank about 4 cups of water by the end of the day and Dr. Fitz asked me "How much water did you drink today?" because he knew it was a small amount. For him to know that just from experience said a lot. Those are the things that separate real professionals from quacks! He even has an alkaline water dispenser for some of the best water around. The office is comfortable and you're always greeted with a smile from Lisa who checks you in."



"It has been 1 year to the day that I've been under Dr. Jim's care. 1 year to the day that my severe vertigo and arthritis have been kept under control. There is no other doctor that I'd trust to manage my care. Dr. Jim is hands on, thorough, informative and truly cares about his patients. He cares about our health and gives very informative and thorough nutritional advice to help keep our bodies and nervous system healthy. I highly recommend Dr. Jim for any chiropractic care you may be seeking. Stop by when you have the time, he takes time out of his very busy schedule to sit down and talk things over with you and gives very helpful tips in making sure your health goes on the right path."




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